Neat Video 2

Utility Plug-In untuk menghilangkan Artifact (Noise) pada Editing Video

A video sequence captured by a digital TV-tuner: noise and compression artifacts

Original Frame                                                                Filtered Frame

This is a frame from a video sequence captured by a digital TV-tuner.The original video sequence

contains a clearly visible noise introduced during the TV air transmission and further aggravated

by the tuner software’s compression. Neat Video clears the objectionable noise producing both

cleaner video data and smaller video file.
Most video compression methods work better on noise-free video data, so the filtered clip file is

smaller than the original one (actually this filtered clip even includes a longer part – 14 sec –

of the captured sequence, while the original clip includes only 7 sec from the captured sequence).

A video sequence captured by a digital TV-tuner: noise and periodic interference

Original Frame                                                                Filtered Frame

video noise reduction plug-in for:
•    Premiere Pro (Win and Mac; 32-bit and 64-bit), Premiere Elements (Win)
•    After Effects (Win and Mac; 32-bit and 64-bit)
•    Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion (Mac)
•    OpenFX-compatible hosts: Nuke, Eyeon Fusion (Win and Mac) – new!
•    Vegas Pro (32-bit and 64-bit), Sony Vegas Movie Studio
•    Pinnacle Studio
•    VirtualDub (can also be used in AviSynth scripts and in Avid Liquid 7)

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